Tomas Frank

As founder and co-owner Thomas has been a part of TripExtreme since the beginning and is determined to create a brand that holds values such as friendship, leadership, positivity and personal growth to a high standard.

Of course a TripExtreme boot camp is about fitness and physical capabilities. But to a large degree it’s also about pushing the limits of the guests, working with their mind-set and creating a framework where the social aspect has a front row seat.

Where people have time to help each other and give a leg up to the person next to them. Where they can expand their social network with like minded people with a wide cross section of competences, so that when they return home they’ve built strong relations to a new group of people who can bring them closer to their goals and dreams of becoming better than yesterday.

In short…it’s all about bringing out the best in people!

The egoistic and selfish reasons behind Thomas’ desire to create a brand like TripExtreme, was to find a way to create awesome experiences, meet amazing people and build a life he doesn’t need a break from. A life filled with inspiring people who has the fact in common that they take full responsibility for their own growth and development, which is the trademark character of the kind of people who chooses to go on a TripExtreme rather than a regular charter trip, where they reside by the nearest swimming pool for a week before returning home none the wiser.

As coaches go, Thomas’ background as someone who broke with his social heritage and his upbringing as an outsider, experiencing and overcoming obstacles of a personal nature has given him a unique ability to embrace and connect with almost everyone on some level and his perspectives are based on personal experience rather than textbook studies.

Thomas has a passion for finding and applying tools to empty out the invisible backpack of burdens we carry through life. And knows how important that is in order to create new habits and set and reach new goals. 

With Thomas you get an authentic and original person who in turn greets you without  judgement and accepts you as you are. 

You are the creator, so make it a TripExtreme!